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O’Gara Coach Recommends Cilajet to Customers

CilajetĀ is recommended by top luxury car dealerships! Stuart McIntosh, Brand Manager for Aston Martin Beverly Hills and Heidi, Finance Manager for O’Gara Coach Company discuss why they recommend Cilajet aviation grade auto paint protection to their luxury car customers. O’Gara Coach Company is the number one Aston Martin dealer in the United States, which is […]

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Testimonial~ Frank L. thinks Cilajet is AWESOME!

Frank L. applied Cilajet to his 2007 Lexus ES350 and he has ZERO regrets! As a small business owner Frank spends a lot of time in his car and on the grueling Los Angeles highways; and after 9 years and 200,000 miles Frank’s Lexus still looks like new – thanks to Cilajet, the finest car […]

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