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With Cilajet – my car looks AWESOME!!

“My pre-owned car, at over 10,000 miles, looks like a brand NEW car! Even the slight oxidation on my headlights are now crystal clear. When I first bought my 2013 Honda CRV, it had a dull finish. But, the paint sparkles now. Cilajet Aviation Grade really works… it just looks AWESOME! ” Cilajet Review: April […]

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“Thumbs up for cilajet! I love the shine. With cilajet, now you can see the Metallic white. My wife is going to love her car, and we highly recommend cilajet Aviation Grade to car enthusiasts!” –Guillermo Arias, excited cilajet customer

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Another Happy Customer!!!

“The color is more bold and the shine is really beautiful! I am looking forward to using the Care Line of cilajet products to keep my car looking great.” –Tom Sano, another happy cilajet customer

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