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Even on an overcast day, Cilajet still stands out!

  [This video has sound and is not captioned.] We’re grateful to the Dealership who made this customer’s experience an excellent one. And we’re delighted that Ardi was even happier with his 5 year Reapplication! Ardi, your car looks fantastic! Apply the Cilajet car paint protection to your vehicle! Click here to find an authorized Cilajet […]

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Share your Cilajet paint sealant photos with us on Instagram!

We are also on IG, and sometimes we get tagged in a post that we have to share! Thank you for this awesome photo and for the testimonial! Your car is beautiful, matching the backdrop. “Cilajet provides an excellent protection and a highly reflective shine to my car. It makes my car very easy to […]

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Thank you for the word of mouth recommendation!

“We put Cilajet inside and out on our new 2020 Rav 4 Hybrid right away because we have had numerous friends and colleagues tell us how much they love the product and recommended it highly and our dealership did a wonderful job. The reason for the Cilajet is that I have Stage 4 Lung Cancer […]

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