Real reviews from real people….no actors were paid for their services or statements, although some were blown away by this product!


Jay Leno

“It looks terrific actually…it really does look amazing…it does look a lot better, it’s visibly different. I hope it shows up on camera…it turned out great, it’s an impressive product!”- Jay Leno –

Ryan Phillippe

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“I just got cilajet put on all my cars….I’m amazed at how well it works….it’s unbelievable to me, I’ve never seen a product look like this.”   Ryan Phillippe, Actor

Swope’s cars of yesteryear museum

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Robert Shapiro

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Dr. Garth Fisher, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon from “Extreme Makeover”

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Car Paint Protection Anton Vetoshkin races in a cilajet sponsored vehicle!

Anton Vetoshkin (the winner of the Russian Nation Race Championships) races his cilajet sponsored vehicle through the dirt roads of the Russian countryside. Thanks to cilajet aviation grade paint sealant, the car shined like new after being washed with ONLY WATER leaving the car with a mirror like finish that lasts! Cilajet sealant has once again proven itself on a racing vehicle—imagine what it will do for YOUR vehicle!!
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Tia Carrera


Jay Leno


Jon McCain

 “When you understand how cilajet protects a jet flying in temperatures from 60 below to over 100 degrees, imagine the protection it gives your car! Cilajet is the best product I have ever used…it is truly amazing!”