Cilajet Protects Your Vehicle’s Interior

UntitledWhen people think of Cilajet they often associate our name with exterior auto paint protection, but there is more to Cilajet than just exterior paint protection! Cilajet is committed to protecting both the exterior AND interior of your vehicle. Spilt coffee, muddy feet and other accidents are a part of life, but when you trust your vehicle’s interior to Cilajet you’re protected against many of life’s little mishaps.

Cilajet has taken careful consideration in developing a powerful formula that will help protect your vinyl, leather and fabric. It is non-hazardous, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and is 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), which means there are no chemicals released into the atmosphere. Plus, there is no smell or residue with the product after application.

Cilajet offers two top quality Cilajet interior car care products through authorized dealers: Cilajet HIDE and Cilajet FAB. Both act as your first line of defense from spills, spots and stains in your vehicle.

Cilajet HIDE is a state-of-the-art vinyl and leather conditioner used to shield and enhance the beauty of your car’s interior. Your seats and other accents will benefit from the finest leather and vinyl conditioner available. Just take a look at this Aston Martin’s interior from O’Gara Coach Company that has been treated with Cilajet HIDE:


Cilajet FAB was specifically engineered to protect fabric interiors and accents, including the carpet, mats, and fabric seats. Again, Cilajet works to ensure the safety of our products because you are precious cargo. Like Cilajet HIDE, FAB is  environmentally friendly and odorless.

What happens if you spill after your car has been treated with a Cilajet interior product? You see spills turn into small micro beads rather than being absorbed into the fabric, leather or vinyl.  Our interior products will greatly reduce your cleanup time and frustrations when those spills occur.

Are you ready to invest in protecting your car’s interior? Contact an authorized Cilajet dealer today to find out how you can get FAB or HIDE applied. FIND A DEALER NEAR YOU!


  • I purchased a car recently that was “Celajet-Ed”
    In side and out.

    What are the best ways to clean/care for the outside?

    The inside. The leather??


    Plastic inside and out?
    Thank you, David

      Materials needed to hand wash your vehicle are available at any auto parts store, and most department stores that carry automotive wash supplies. We recommend using a micro-fiber wash mitt, a tire/wheel brush for washing, and a “California Blade” (squeegee) or a micro-fiber shammy towel for drying. You might also consider purchasing an inexpensive bug sponge to help remove bird droppings, tree sap, or bug residue that has been left on the vehicle more than a few days. While Cilajet protects your paint from damage by those chemicals, you should wash them off as soon as possible to enable easy removal.
      You should always use a detergent that is formulated for washing vehicles, never use dishwashing or laundry detergents. Car wash detergent will rinse off easily, it will not build up soapy residue, and it will not work against the Cilajet application. We recommend using Cilajet’s Shampoo from our line of care products to wash your vehicle—it has been specially formulated to work with the cilajet and keep your car looking shiny, and the cilajet protected. Whatever brand of car wash soap you use should not contain wax. You do not need the wax component of car wash soap, and after repeated use these waxes can build up on your paint, which will actually reduce the shine. For the wheels, use the same detergent that you wash the body with. Never use high strength or caustic wheel cleaners. They are not necessary to remove brake dust or dirt. You will save money by not purchasing them, and will also reduce the amount of harmful chemicals entering our water supply.
      You should always rinse the car from the top down to remove most of the dirt particles before you begin washing, and always wash from the top down and clean the wheels last. Using this method reduces the chances of getting large particles of grime into your wash mitt that can scratch your paint. Whenever possible, use the squeegee or micro-fiber towel to dry your vehicle. Cilajet will protect the finish from damage caused by water spots, but if you do not dry the finish you may see some spotting. This is caused by dust in the air, pollen, or sometimes minerals in the water. These spots should easily wash off, but again you can prevent them by drying the surfaces thoroughly.
      We recommend using a touchless car wash when possible, also, opt for the basic wash. Cilajet protected finishes do not need wheel cleaner, or other chemicals offered at extra cost. We recommend against “hot wax” or other wax sprays offered at car washes, because Cilajet is protecting your finish. This will save you money, and again reduce the amount of harmful chemicals entering our water supply.
      There is no need to wax your vehicle when it is protected with Cilajet Aviation Grade. If you choose to apply wax, we recommend using Cilajet’s Gel Wax from our line of care products. Apply by hand using a micro-fiber or foam applicator, remove with a micro-fiber towel only (not a terrycloth towel). You should never use any pre-softened, liquid, or spray wax; this includes the “nano” or “polymer” varieties (as they contain petroleum distillates that can compromise the protection Cilajet is providing to your finish).
      For leather or vinyl seats protected with Cilajet HIDE, we recommend using a very damp microfiber towel (using only water) once a month to clean the surfaces. Use of detergents and cleaning products will diminish the protection and are not good for leather or vinyl seats.
      Cilajet FAB is used to protect cloth seats, carpet, and floor mats. To keep these areas clean, vacuum regularly and wipe off any dirty areas with a water dampened towel. For liquid spills on surfaces protected by Cilajet FAB, blot with a towel or paper towel. If a residue remains, first try wiping with a towel dampened with water or club soda.
      If your vehicle is involved in an accident or needs to be re-painted, you should inform the repair facility and insurance company (if applicable) that you have Cilajet Aviation Grade applied to your vehicle. It is the insurance company’s responsibility to bring the car to pre-accident condition, this includes re-application of cilajet to re-painted surfaces. You can inform the repair facility and/or insurance company to call 1.800.CILAJET to coordinate re-application of cilajet at the issuing dealership or nearest authorized cilajet application facility.

  • Hello,
    Your cilajet antimicrobial cleaner damaged my cars interIor today. It left spots and spray marks all over my wood trim, dash, info screen, cluster etc. i have an Audi Q8 and the dealer sprayed my car down with it. The streak and spot marks would not cone out.

    • Hello,
      So sorry about your experience. Please return to the selling dealership that applied Cilajet Anti-Microbial to your vehicle to address any reapplication needs.

  • what can i sue as a antibacterial cleaner if all my leather seats have been cilijet worried i might use the wrong stuff