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  • Hello Cilijet!

    I am so happy with my Cilijet performance. I have had a terrible job getting the swirls and hair line scratches off my paint that it was driving me nutz. I had the dealer apply the Cilijet to my car just to find that it was left with swirls and hairline scratches. I went through the reapplying three times, until I finally had an expert detailer from Cilijet come and applied it properly. John spent about three hours on my car, and to my surprise, it was like having a new paint job. No joke, I would highly recommend Cilijet to everyone who wants a perfect paint job again. Thank you John for your detail to your craft. You’ve done it again, perfection.

    Thank you,
    Matthew Yates
    Granada Hills, CA

  • I had my car done with Full Cilajet Protection (inside and out) at the dealer before rolling it out of the showroom. What really makes me happy is to know that 10 years from now my car will still have the same shine as the day I bought it. All I can say is that Cilajet is a product for car lovers, I’ve for sure fallen in love with mine and with Cilajet.

    Thank you Cilajet for protecting my car form the tropical weather of Puerto Rico.
    Richard Perez
    Fajardo, Puerto Rico

  • I just had the complete he Cilajett protection applied to the exterior and interior of my car. I gotta tell you it looks spectacular I’m so pleased with the way it turned out! The technician did a very thorough job and got out the blemishes on the exterior and the interior very clean. The staff are very polite and accomodating overall it was a very pleasant experience and I recommend anybody with a car should get the complete Cilajet treatment to help protect against every day hazards. And it will also help your car keep its value ! Thanks everyone at Cilajet

  • I met Jaci at the Mercedes AMG Private Lounge Member show in Los Angeles several years ago and within a few days had three of my AMG’s covered with Cilajet. There is just not another car product on the market that compares to Cilajet. My cars simply stand out and shine like never before. I highly recommend this to all of my car crazy friends at every car show I attend as well as my regular Saturday mornings at Cars And Coffee.
    Thank you Jaci, for the perfect product!
    Kind regards,

  • Cilajet is hands down the best product I have ever used on my vehicles. Congrats on an excellent product and keep up the great work!


  • I purchased a new 2016 corvette 2 weeks ago. I just had the Cilajet sealant application put on my corvette, and could not believe the shine. I’ve never seen such a shine except on show cars, and I’ve been a car nut for years. I’ve used every wax out there and this Cilajet sealant puts them all to shame. My corvette looks completely different than when I purchased it 2 weeks ago from Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, Md. I couldn’t be more happier with the Cilajet results.

  • “The CILAJET shine was so bright i had to put my sunglasses on! Looks GREAT!!”. Megan Smith in her new Mini Countryman purchased from Mini of Camarillo, CA

  • This the second vehicle using Cilajet to protect the exterior. I had a 2006 Toyota Avalon and I just blown away
    how great my car looked, especially at night in a parking lot with the lights on–I felt so great to look at this
    amazing shine. Then after Toyota Motor, Inc.; made an offer to buy my car; the offer was too good to turn down.
    Then just this November 2015, I traded-in my Toyota Truck and bought another Avalon, a 2016. I got the
    Cilajet at Culver City Mazda, The Service Manager, Bene, was fantastic in customer service and again I have
    the beautiful, Blizzard Pearl White to gaze at and admire. The enhanced look thanks to Cilajet. I informed the
    Toyota people there is no need to contact me because I am Not going to sell this car. I am so grateful there is
    a product on the market to protect the beauty of my car like Cilajet. Thank you so very much.

    Robert Cook

  • I’ve been working in the Car industry for over 15 years. This is the best products to protect your investment. This is a must for any Car enthusiast.

  • This is our brand new ruby red metallic 2016 Ford Focus with cilajet applied to it. Couldn’t be happier with the way the vehicle looks, the shine the way that it performs in the rain it’s just wonderful it’s just could not be happier with this product!

  • It shines like new money! The color now looks like fire engine red. Everyone at cilajet was very professional. I really enjoyed my experience!

  • My car is over 10 years old and I just had Cilajet applied to my interior and exterior and I couldn’t be any happier. It looks like I just purchased a new vehicle!!! Thank you Cilajet I will definitely tell all my friends how wonderful your product is. They can actaully see it for themselves!!!

  • I had cilajet done on my 63 nova show car and WOW…the paint and color looks out of this world. The color so so deep and it never had a shine like this. Best product Have ever seen.

  • I am extremely satisfied with the product as well as the service provided by the technician. My car looks amazing and I now have the piece of mind that it will be better protected by the elements. Thanks to Cilajet for the amazing customer service!

  • On the day I got my new car, they are telling me about CilaJet. i wasn’t too sure about it at first. After thinking for the longest time and I decided to give a try! I have to say that is the best decision I made. I am so happy everyday when I go to my car and drive away a clean and shiny car feels so good. I don’t even wash my car that often either since the car always looks shiny. When raining, I love the water drop on the car, it made them lining up and looks pretty cool. You guys have to try their Quick Shine, it is very amazing for touch up and removing dirty things on the car. Thank you so much CILAJET! I will 100% apply this to all my new cars in future.

  • Just bought a used 2013 black Nissan Maxima and had Cilajet applied inside and out. The exterior paint looks better than brand new!. Had the opportunity to take a short summer road trip and when we got home I hand washed the car. The dead bugs washed off with my home sprayer – no scrubbing. It was so easy to get it back to the shine it had when I drove it off the lot. And yesterday I had to drive down a road next to some road construction – dust covered the car. I have a dust brush I use with my custom black show car and the dust just flew off the surface. Also, I order the Cilajet car care kit and when it arrived the Gel-Wax jar had leaked and I emailed the company and they are sending me a new jar and some extra microfiber clothes. Now, that is customer service. I hope to get many years of service out of the car and finish. Thanks Cilajet!

  • Cilajet Aviation Grade sealant is nothing short of amazing ! In August of 2016 my wife and I purchased a 29 ft Arctic Fox RV, the dealer caught me at “weak” moment as I usually do not purchase added on products or services. I am a retired Automotive repair shop owner and have been in the Automotive industry since 1978. I have to tell you that Cilajet is the best paint sealing product I have ever seen. The trailer set out in the elements all winter after a blazing hot summer. When we started to clean it up for use we found the dreaded black streaks on the side of the trailer. The trailer has fiber glass siding with gel coat paint and laminated decals. I was disheartened to see the streaks, but to my amazement they washed right off with mild car wash. The water repellent and beading was impressive and the retained shine is spectacular. Quite simply having Cilajet applied to the RV was the best investment I ever made as far as care and protection for any surface. Two words come to mind if anybody ever asks you if you want Cilajet applied, the two words…. DO IT. Oh yeah, one other note, the product support and knowledge of the staff will blow you away, Great.

  • I purchased a new Subaru Outback and the dealer offered Cilajet treatments for my car. I did not hesitate because, as a pilot, I had seen the difference Cilajet Aviation Grade made for the look and maintenance of both helicopters and airplanes. The car is almost six months old and looks as good as it did the day I drove away from Hines Subaru. Cilajet lives up to its’ reputation and I would highly recommend it to anyone who cares about the investment they have made in their car or airplane. It is fantastic!