Happy Thanksgiving! Cizzlers are Thankful for…

From our family to yours, team Cilajet would like to wish all of our valued dealerships, customers and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!


I am especially thankful for the amazing team of people who work for Cilajet – they are second to none! ~ Jaci Warren, President 

I am thankful this year for the multitude of blessings God has given our family (one big one being Cilajet). ~ B

I am thankful to have a loving husband, amazing family, the best friends ever and a great team of “Cizzlers” that I enjoy working with! ~ L

I am thankful this year because: I have a wonderful husband, loving family, great friends, good health and another year working for a great company ~J

My best friend asking me to marry him this year! ~N

I am thankful this year for good health and happy family. ~J

It can actually back up everything we say Cilajet can do and I get to work with such an amazing product. ~J

I am thankful this year for: the blessings of a new life coming in to my family. I can hardly wait! ~K

I am thankful this year for: my first grandson, Jack. ~P

The people in my life. ~M

It is an amazing company who really cares about its employees and the entire team works great together for a common goal which is continued success & growth of the company. The best Paint Protection product in the world period! ~G

I am thankful for my puppy Mylo. And my mom who is the best mom in the whole wide world. ~ F