A Rare Ferrari 599 GTO gets Cilajet Auto Paint Protection

Jean Aoun, Certified Cilajet Technician, carried out a full external Cilajet treatment to a very rare Ferrari 599 GTO.

The Ferrari 599 GTO was limited to just 599 units worldwide and at the time of its launch in 2010 was the fastest road-going model in their history.  This car boasts a 6.0 liter V12 engine which puts out 661hp and 457lb ft of torque which is controlled through Ferrari’s 6-speed F1 paddle shift transmission, derived from years of Formula 1 racing experience.

This car had recently arrived in the United States from the Middle East and had extensive swirls in the metallic black paint as well as spider webbing, fine scratches, water spots and fallout.  Before starting with our cilajet products, the car was subjected to a full claying to remove contaminants and smooth out the tired paintwork.  After claying the painted metallic surfaces, (no work was carried out to the special satin finish of the roof, door mirror caps and wheels) Cilajet WET was applied over the freshly clayed paint, before allowing to cure for approximately 45 minutes.  Once the Cilajet WET had been removed, Cilajet Aviation grade was applied to the painted surfaces to seal in the amazing luster which was bought back to life during the process.

These up close images are before shots of the Ferrari with scratches, water spots and other marks it got over the years.

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Here is Jean hard at work on the Ferrari applying Cilajet WET.

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And now the beautiful after shots of this shiny, jaw-dropping Ferrari.

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